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Latest Addition :   

August 4, 2018:  200 words and phrases from Peteronius (P), especially the Cena Trimalchionis. More being added.  

Previous Additions:

  April 19, 2013:  250 words and phrases from Erasmus' Colloquia Familiaria.  Erasmus drew his Latin vocabulary and phraseology from the whole range of ancient authors, from Plautus to some of the early church fathers.  Among his favorite sources were Terence, Cicero, and Aulus Gellius.  See Terence Tunberg, "The Latinity of Erasmus and Medieval Latin:  Continuities and Discontinuities" The Journal of Medieval Latin 14(-1):147--170 (January 2004). Also D.F.S. Thomson, "The Latinity of Erasmus" in Erasmus, ed. T.A. Dorey, London (1970): 115-137.

March 21, 2013:  240 words and phrases from Terence, Cicero, Persius and Erasmus.

January 1, 2013:  125 words and phrases from Frontinus Libri Strategematon.

Sept. 22, 2012:  Chapters from Comenius' Ianua Linguarum Reserata with English translations.  Material from this source continues to be added.  So far articles can be found under agriculture, barber, bath, bedroom, body, dine, earth, garden, house, human, marriage, sensation, weather.  

June 8, 2012:  200 words and phrases from Plautus.

May 27, 2012:  100 words and phrases from Frontinus Libri Strategematon:  A useful source of Latin equivalents for the many military expressions used in ordinary conversation. 

May 9, 2012:  170 colour terms, including the classical terms, and expanded with the botanical nomenclature.  See "colour terms" in the C-blog.  

May 3, 2012:  175 words and phrases from Seneca's Epistulae Morales.

February 23, 2012:  100 words and phrases from Horace, Persius, Petronius

December 5, 2011:  200 words and phrases from Aulus Gellius  

November 27, 20i1:  240 words and phrases from Terence.

November 18, 2011:  250 words and phrases from Plautus.

Original version of glossary posted:  October. 24, 2011

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