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To considere s.t. a gain:  deputare aliquid in lucro esse (T)

Ill-gotten gains:  bona sceleste parta (Pl)


A gain-sayer:  oblocutor (AG)


Gamble away s.t.:  aliquid illudere (T)
            I’ve almost gambled away my daughter’s life:  paene illusi vitam filiae (T)


A game-board:  alveolus, i (AG)

To play a game for a stake:  periculo certare (Er)
      We have to play for some stake, otherwise the game gets boring:  aliquo periculo certandum est, alioqui friget ludus.


To be one of the gang:  de grege esse (T) 


A gang-way:  pons, -tis (F)


Garbage / trash:  purgamenta, -orum (P)


De Hortorum Cultura (Com ILR 31).
       On the cultivation of gardens

Hortus est vel pomarium, vel viridarium, vel vivarium aut roborarium (cuius custos est saltuarius).
     A garden is either an orchard / fruit garden or a green garden or a zoological garden or a warren [i.e. an enclosure for the breeding of game animals], (of which the keeper is the forrester).

Saepitur vel aggere, vel macerie lapidea / cementicia vel latericia, vel lutea et craticia, vel plancis vel saepe / saepimento e palis / sudibus / longuriis, viminibus aliisve lentis vitilibus (operibus arboribus aut fruticibus aut herbis ad decorum factis) plexa topiariisque ornata.
         It is fenced either with an [earthen] mound  or with a wall of stone / cement, or of brick, or of mud and wattles, or with planks, or with a fence made of stakes / pickets / long poles, or woven out of osiers or other pliant intertwined materials (works made for beauty out of trees or bushes or grasses), and decorated with garden ornamentation.

Hortulanus / olitor ligone, rutro,  pala, bipallioque fodit; per pulvinos / areolas semina spargit; herbas erraticas eruncina extirpat, vel eradicat / radicitus evellit.
      A gardener digs with a spade, trowel, hoe and pick axe;  scatters the seeds over the flower-beds, roots out the weeds with a rooter, or pulls them out by the roots.

Arborator, seminario / plantario taleis / clavolis vel viviradicibus consito -- concinnitas est et elegantia si in quincuncem digerantur -- taleae surculos inserit, insitos rigat, scalpro germina et luxuriantia  virgulta putat, stolones amputat, arbusculas flexiles ac sequaces in topiariam scenam concamerat.
     The tree-dresser having planted the nursery with staked plants or cuttings -- it is a kind of neatness / symmetry and elegance if they are arranged in a quincunx / checkerwise -- he grafts the shoots to the stocks, waters the grafts, prunes the sprigs/ buds and the rank sprays with a pruning knife, cuts off the offshoots, and arches the bendable and clinging shrubs into a bower/ arbor.

Oleum ex olivis exprimitur.  dein saepius decapulatur depleturque.  subtus amurca sidit.  depurgatum lecythis inditur, faecesque abiiciuntur.
     Oil is pressed out of olives.  Afterward it is shifted and poured out of one vessel and into another.  The lees settle below.  When it is clear, it is put into flasks, and the dregs are thrown away.

Apiarius seu melliso alvearia curat, ceramque liquat. 
      A bee-keeper or honey-dresser takes care of bee hives and melts the wax.

Gasp:  To be at one's last gasp:  in ultimis esse (P)


A gathering:  conciliabulum, -i (Er)


A gay guy:  beta, -ae (Er) 

Gaze on:

To gaze on s.o./ s.t.:  obtueri aliquem/ aliquid (Pl)


The generality of s.t.:  vulgus + gen (T)
            He acts as does the generality of slaves:  facit ut vulgus servorum facere solet.


Generous:  liberalismunificus (H)

Generous with:  largus -a, -um + gen. (Pl)
     He is generous with his money:  largus argenti est


Gently:  placide (Pl)


Gentleman:  (vir) liberalis (T)

Gentlemen:  homines belli

Brought up like a gentleman:  educatus libere (T)

Gentlemanly:  liberalis (T)

To behave unlike a gentleman:  illiberaliter facere (T) 

Conduct unbecoming a gentleman:  illiberale facinus (T)


One should go gently:  modice decet (Pl)


Genuine:  sincerus, -a, -um /  germanus, -a, -um (Pl)

Genuine:  solidus, -a, -um (Pl)  (C)
     That is genuine loyality:  haec est solida fides.


Easy to get:  parabilis (H) (S)

Where did you get it?  Unde habes? (T)

To get money:  pecuniam pario, ere (T)

Get away with s.t.:  aliquid inultum auferre (T)
            He’ll never get away with it:  inultum numquam id auferet

To "get" (i.e. to understand) s.t.:  aliquid tenere (Pl)
      I get it.  Teneo.

To "get" (i.e., to grasp s.t. intellectually/ understand s.t.):  assequi (AG)
     I think I get what it is that he said:  quid istuc sit, quod dixit, videor assequi.

To give as good as you get:  par referre (T)

To get s.t. by chance / by lot:  alicui aliquid contingere (Er)
      I got this prize by chance:  hoc praemium mihi contigit.

To get by asking:  impetrare


A get-up (i.e. a suit of clothes) ornatus, -us (Pl)


To chase the girls:  scortari (T)

A girl-band:  fidicinae -arum (AG)


To give in:  animo victo esse (T)

To give oneself away:  se indicare (T)

To give up:  manus dare (Fr)
            I give up!  manus do.

To give s.t. up:  aliquid deponere (H)

To give as good as you get:  par referre (T)

Give-and-take:  commercium (Tac)

To give o.s. to s.t:  se alicui rei devovere (Er) 

To give up on s.o./ s.t.  aliquem/ aliquid desperare (Er)


Glad to:  libenter + verb in the indicative  (C)
     I was glad to receive your letter:  epistulam tuam libenter accepi.

I will be glad if you do this:  me lubente hoc facies (Pl)

I'm glad that.... mihi volup est + indir. statement (T)
      I'm glad you arrived safely:  mihi volup est te salvum advenisse. 


To cast a glance over s.t.:  inicere contemplationem super aliquid (P) 


A big glass:  anancaeum, -i (Pl)


To be glib:  linguam habere (Pl)

Glitter/ Glitz

Glitter/ glitz:  bractea, -ae (lit.:  gold leaf/ glittering veneer/ glitter)
            The glitz of rhetoric:  bractea eloquentiae (Sol)


To be "gloriously" s.t.:  habere/ servare (etc) gloriam alicuius rei  (Pl)
      The bulrush remains gloriously dry:  scirpus gloriam aritudinis semper servat


A glutton:  helluo, -onis (T)

Go/ gone

Oh, go on!  (expression of incredulity):  abi!  (Pl)

Where are you going?  Quo te agis?  (T)

Go and….  Ibo + future tense:  I’ll go and speak to him:  ibo adloquar (T)

A go-between:  interpres/   internuntius (Pl)

To get s.o. going:  agitare aliquem (T)

Here we go again!  Sic malum integrascit!  (T)

There go / goes....(ie away)  de medio....(P)
      As soon as your fortunes collapse, there go your friends:  simil ac res inclinata est, de medio amici.

What's going on here?  Quid hic est negotii? (Pl)

Go on (ie. continue) perge porro (Pl)

To go well:  bene gerere (Pl)
      The business is going well:  res bene geritur.    

To go well / to go as one would wish:  currere ex voto (P)
       Everything is going well:  cuncta ex voto currunt.

To be a goner:  sepultus esse (T)
      I'm a goner:  sepultus sum.  

He wondered how far one should go against the law for a friend:  dubitavit quonam usque contra legem pro amico progredi debuerit. (AG)


Goal:  scopus, i.


A god on earth:  praesens deus (T)

God knows…  hercle (T)

God knows/ heaven knows:  ita me di ament (T)

God help me/ you/ him/ us, etc:  vae mihi/ tibi/ illi/ nobis (Pl)

By God!  edepol! (Pl)  Hercle! (Pl)

Good God!  edepol! (Pl)  di boni! (Ap)

To be a god in someone's eyes:  apud aliquem deus esse (T)


Good! (exclamation of approval):  euge! (Pl)

That's good:  bene habet (Pl)

Good and… probe + adj

Good and ready:  probe meditatus (AG)

To make good:  exsarcio, -ire

What good does it do to…?  Quorsum attinet + inf (Er)

Good-for-nothing:  homo haud magni pretii (Pl)   iners (T)  homo nequam (Pl)  homo nequissimus (P)

A good-for-nothing:  vappa, -ae (T)  nugator -oris (Er) 

A complete good-for-nothing:  nugator maximus (Er)  nequissimus (P)

To be good-looking:  esse facie egregia (T)

Good terms:  to be on good terms with s.o.:  iucundus esse alicui (C)

It's no good (ie. it's no use):  nihil est (Pl)

It does no good to.... frustra est + infin.(Er)
       It does not good to regret:  frustra est paenitere

You are very good/ kind to.... bene + verb in indicative (Pl)
      You are very good/ kind to invite me:  bene me vocas

To give as good as you get:  par referre (T)

To make good:  restituere (Er)
     I shall make good your loss:  damnum tuum restituam  

Good boy!  lepidum caput! (Er)

Good luck!  bonis avibus!   (Er)


To gorge o.s. on s.t.:  se aliqua re onerare (F)
      They gorged themselves on unhealthy food:  insalubribus se cibis oneraverunt.


Gossip:  fabulae (P)   sermunculus (P)


To grab:  praeripere (AG)


Gracefully:  euscheme (Pl)


To grant a point in an argument:  concedere (T)
     I grant you that:  hoc concedo tibi
To take s.t. for granted:   aliquid praesumere (H)


To grapple with s.o./ s.t.:  conflictare cum aliquo/ aliqua re (T)

To grapple with a problem/ misfortune:  conflictare cum malo/ adversa fortuna


To grasp (intellectually):  assequi (AG) 
     I think I grasp what it is that he said:  quid istuc sit, quod dixit, videor assequi.

To feel grateful:  gratiam habere (C)

To express gratitude:  gratias agere (T)


With one foot in the grave:  capularis esse (Pl)/   Acherunticus esse (AG)


Greasy:  adipatus, -a, -um (Pl)


Greedy, rapacious, predatory: milvīnus , -a, -um (P)


To greek it up:  graecissare (Pl)

To greek it up:  pergraecari (Pl)


Stimulate/ work/ stir the groin:  sollicitare inguina (P)


To grope (in a sexual way):  contrectare (Pl) 

To grope for something:  aliquid palpando quaerere (Com)


To drive s.t. into the ground:  aliquid in terram difigere (F)


Almost grown up:  fere grandiculus –a, -um  (T)


To bear a grudge against s.o.  invidere alicui

Grudging:  gravatus, -a, -um (Pl)

Grudgingly:  gravatius /  gravate (Suet)


I guarantee to....  perficiam ut = subj  (C)


To guard against/ be on one's guard against s.t.:  praecavere aliquid (Pl)

To be taken off-guard:  subito deprehendi (S)

Guardian angel

Guardian angel:  genius (Pl)


To guess:  conicio, 3 conieci, coniectum (T)
     A. How many?  B.  Sixty, I would guess:  A. quot?  B. sexaginta, ut conicio.

To make a (wild) guess:  hariolari (T)

A good guess!  recte coniectas (Er) 

To guess:  divinare (Er)
      A.  I know.  B. You know?  Did somebody tell you?  A. No, but I can guess.  A.  scio.  B. scis?  an tibi narravit aliquis?  A.  non, sed divino


To gulp down:  obsorbere (Pl)

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