Monday, 24 October 2011



On an even keel:  rectus, -a, -um (S)


Keep going!  Perge porro (Pl)

Not to be able to keep from...:  non posse/ nequire contineri quin.... + subj. (Pl)
    I can't keep from speaking:  nequeo contineri quin loquar.

To keep an animal:  animal pascere (Varro ap AG)

To keep oneself away from s.t.:  ab aliqua re recedere (F)

Finders keepers:  ut nactus es, habe (Pl)


To be keyed up with expectation:  expectatione intendi (F)

To keep someone keyed up with expectation:   alquem expectatione intentum tenere (F)


To "kick" someone out:  aliquem foras extrudere (T)


To "kill" s.o. (as with suspence):  aliquem enicare (T)


To be very kind to ....  bene + verb in indicative (Pl)
      You are very kind to invite me:  bene me vocas

Kindly, humanely:  humanitus (T)

Kindness:  humanitas, -atis (C)

That's kind of you:  benigne facis (Pl) (Er)


To kindle a fire:  ignem conflare (Pl)


A kiss between friends:  osculum

A kiss between lovers:  basium

A french kiss:  sauvium

To plant / force a kiss on s.o.:  alicui basium impingere (P)

To kiss one another:  oscula iungere (P)


To knock at a door:  pultare (Pl)

To knock s.t. out of s.o.:  excutere aliquid alicui (S)

To knock off a table:  deiicere e mensa (H)

Know/ knowledge

As if you didn’t know!  Rogas?  (T)

As if you didn't know:  quasi nesicas/ quasi nescires (Pl)

For all I know:  unde scio an + subjunctive (Ap)

You know me (him / her/ us / them) better than that!  Sic notus Ulixes (P)

To know s.o. well:  aliquem probe novisse

If only you knew!  Si scias!  (T)

Let me know:  fac sciam (Pl)

If you know what's good for you (i.e. in  a threat):  si sapis (Pl)

To know someone by sight:  aliquem novisse qua facie sit. (Pl)
     I know him to see him:  eum novi qua facie sit.

Without my knowledge:  clam me  (T)
            He went away without my knowledge:  clam me profectus est

Common, everyday knowledge:  cotidiana cognitio (AG)

It is well known that...  constat + ind. st (F)

To be the first to know:  primus, -a, -um scire (T)


To crack one's knuckles:  infringere articulos (P)

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