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To pace (back and forth)  inambulare (Fr)

A snail's pace:  gradus formicinus (Pl)


To pack up (one’s bags):  convasare (T)

Close packing of ideas:  sensuum densitas (Fr)

To send someone packing:  aliquem abigere (T)


To be a big pain in the neck:  esse ingens molestia (Pl)

To cause s.o. pain:  dolorem alicui afferre (M)

To take pains to do s.t.:  aliquid de industria facere (Pl)  operam dare ut + subj (F)

To take pains in doing s.t.:  animum adversare ut aliquid faciat (Pl)


To put people/things together in paris:  paria componere (P)


A paltry person:  nugamentum hominis (Er)


Panic-stricken:  trepidans, -ntis (AG)   exterritus, -a, -um (F)

To create panic:  turbare (F)


To parade about:  incedere (Pl)


Fond parents:  parentes propitii (T)


For the most part:  ad maximam partem (C)

To part/ part company:  divertere  (Pl)

To part with s.o."  divertere abs aliquo (Pl)

To do one's part/ fulfill one's role:  partibus non deficere/ deesse (F)


Particularly:  cumprimis (AG)
     Cato was a particularly virulent attacker of this vice:  cumprimis M. Cato atrocissimus huiusce vitii insectator erat.


Partly…partly:  qua…qua (Pl)


To go into partnership with s.o.:  cum aliquo consociare (Pl) 


To party:  convivari (T)

Party food:  pulpamentum (AG)

A little drinking party:  compotatiuncula, -ae (Er)

To pass for s.o./s.t.:  cedere pro aliquo / aliqua re

To mention in passing:  memorare in transcursu (PE)

To be passed around/ passed from one person to another:  obambulare (Er)
      A giant drinking cup is passed from one person to another, and when each has drunk from it in his turn, an unbreakable vow is made:  ingens obambulat patera, quam ubi suo quisque ordine ebibit, votum factum est inviolabile.


Passion:  aestus, -us (H)

To be torn apart by passion:  amore differri (Pl)

Sexual passion:  muto, -onis (H)

Passion (any powerful emotion):  affectio, -onis (AG)
      The most wild passions of love and hatred:  ferocissimae affectiones amoris et odii.


To pat s.o. on the head:  alicui caput demulcere (T)


Pathetic:  miserabilis, -e (Pr)
     A. Who'll read that?  B. A couple of people, or nobody.  A.  That's disgraceful and pathetic.  A. quis leget haec?  B. vel duo vel nemo. B. turpe et miserabile.


To be patient:  aequo animo esse (T)


Path/ right path:  via, -ae (T)
            I ask you to return to the right path:  oro ut redeas iam in viam

Into the path of s.o./ s.t.:  alicui/ alicui rei obvius (S)
       He is being carried into the path of his fate:  fertur obvius fatis. 

Pay/ payment

I wouldn’t pay two cents for your life:  non ego tuam empsim vitam vitiosa nuce (Pl)

To pay back:  remunerare (Fr)  hostire (Pl)

Small pay:  mercedula –ae (Sen)

Down payment:  arrhabo, onis (AG)

To pay the penalty:  poenam dare

You'll pay for doing that:  haec cum tuo magno malo fecisti (Pl)

You'll pay for making me suffer these outrages:  iniqua haec patior cum pretio tuo (Pl)

To pay back (borrowed) money:  pecuniam mutuam reddere (Pl)

To pay back double the money:  pecuniam reddere duplicem (Pl)

It pays to.....  prodest + infin. (Pl)

It pays to.... expedit + infin. (S)

To pay off one's debts:  dissolvere quae ipse debet (T)

To pay s.o:  aliquem absolvere (T)

To pay a lot/ too much of money for s.t.:  aliquid multi/ nimii emere (AG)

To pay s.o. off:  rem alicui solvere (Pl)

For pay:  mercede (Lv).  He is a soldier for pay.  mercede militat.


To be at peace (psychologically):  compositus, -a, -um esse (S)


A pedant:  doctor umbraticus (P)


To give a pedicure:  paronychia tollere (P)


Pedigree:  stemma, -atis (S)


To pee:  vesicam exonerare (P)


Peep hole:  transenna, -ae (Com)


Peevish:  tetricus, -a, -um (Er)


A peg:  paxillum, -i (Er)


Pell-mell:  fuse (F)
      They rushed on him pell-mell:  eum effuse aggressi sunt.


An animal's pen:  leporarium, -i (Var ap. AG)


To be penalized / to lose points:  in damno esse (Er)


To be pending:   imminere (F)
     The few who escaped announced to their comrades that a battle was pending:   pauci, qui profugerunt, nuntiaverunt suis pugnam imminere.


A penis:  penis/ cauda (H)/ gurgulio (Pr)/ telum/ rutabulum (Naevius)  vasculum (a small or immature penis) (P)

Perceive/ Perception

Keen perception:  acutae nares (H)

Dull perception:  nares obesae (H)

A person of dull perception:  homo naris obesae

To be perceptive:  emunctae naris esse (H)

Unperceived:   incognitus -a, -um (V)


Perfect:  emussitatus, -a, -um (AG)

Perfect:  ad unguem factus, -a, -um (H)

To perfect s.t.:  aliquid consummare (S)


Without s.o.’s pemission:  iniussu alicuius (T)

Without my permission:  iniussu meo (T)

With your permission:  bona tua cum venia (Er)  si id pace liceat tua (Er)

To give permission:  potestatem facere (P)
      He gave (us) permission to have some more honey wine, in case any of us wanted to:  fecit potestatem, siquis nostrum iterum vellet mulsum sumere. 


Misguided permissiveness:  prava facilitas (T) 


To persist in doing s.t.:  pergere facere aliquid

Persistence:  constantia (AG)


To take s.t. personally:  aliquid ferre familiariter (T)
            He takes her death so personally:  huius mortem tam fert familiariter (T)


He is not a human being, but conflict personified:  discordia, non homo est (P)


To pester s.o.:  molestus esse alicui (Pl)

Phallus / phallic

Phallic symbol:  sopitio, -onis (P)


Phenomena:  naturae opera, -um (AG)

That's my philosophy (i.e. the principle(s) on which one acts):  mea sic est ratio (T)


Phlegmy:  pituitosus  (Fr)

Pick up

To pick up where we left off:  ad institutum recurrere (Er)

To pick up a girl/ guy (for fun and sex):  puellam/ puerum nancisci (T)


To be the very picture of s.o./ s.t.:  effigies alicuius/ alicuius rei esse (Pl)
      She is the very picture of Venus:  ea Veneris effigies est


In pieces:  assulatim (Pl)

In one piece:  integer (Ap)

Piece de resistance

Piece de resistance:  summa cena (P)


Pig-stie:  caulae, -arum (V) (Er)

Piggy bank

Piggy bank:  arca, -ae  H.   (arcula?)


To pile things up:  res extruere (Pl)
      When he gives dinner parties, he piles up the courses:  cum cenas dat, mensas exstruit.


To pilfer s.t.:  aliquid surripere (Pl)


Pine away for s.o./ s.t.:  immorior alicui/ alicui rei

Pine needles:  saetae, -arum (Pl Elder)


Not to be worth one’s own piss:  non valere lotium suum (P)

To piss all over s.o.:  permingere aliquem (H)


A bottomless pit (Er)
    Hello you bottomless pit, you devourer of cakes!  salve tu, gurges, helluo placentarum! 


There’s no place for….  Est nullus locus + dat (Er)

There is a place where:  est ubi..... (Pl)

To take the place of something:  succedere in locum alicuius rei (S)
      This in itself takes the place of pleasures:  to need none:   hoc ipsum succedit in locum voluptatum:  nullis egere.


Plain style of art:  crassa Minerva (H., Fr.)

To speak plainly/ to put it plainly:  ne dicam dolo (Pl)

To make s.t. plain:  aliquid explanare (C)

To eat s.t. plain (i.e., without condiments):  cibum/ panem edere citra obsonium (Er)


To lay plans:  consilia exordiri (Pl) 

To be in on the plan:  intimus consilii esse (T)

Well-laid plans:  consilia bene consulta (AG)

To plan to do s.t.:  aliquid facere destinare (F)


To plant a tree:  arborem ponere (S)


Plausible:  veri similis, -e (AG)

It sounds plausible:  est veri simile (T)


A dialogue-driven play:  (fabula) stataria –ae (T)

An action-driven play:  (fabulamotoria –ae (T)

To play the fool:  scurram ostendere (HA)

To play for stakes:  periculo certare (Er)
     We should play for stakes, otherwise the game is boring:  aliquo periculo certandum est, alioqui friget ludus.


Oh please!  (as an expression of exasperation :  "pul-lease!");  te obsecro!  (T) (Pl)  Also used unironically.


To find one's pleasure in s.o./ s.t.:  in aliquo/ aliqua re se oblectare (T) 

To take pleasure in s.t.:  voluptatem concipere in aliqua re (C) 

To deny oneself pleasure:  suum ingenium defraudare (T)

To give o.s. a lot of pleasure:  se ipse magna voluptate afficere (Er)


Pleated:  undulatus, -a, -um (Er)


To pledge oneself:  se spondere (Er)


A plot:  consilium/ inventuminceptum (T)


A ploy:  schema, -atis (P)

Plunder/ rob

To plunder:  compilare (H)

To rob a house:  aedes compilare

To rob a person:  hominem compilare

To plunder a place:  locum diripere (Er)


To plunge into:  adfundi + dat  (F)
     He plunged into the unexpected warfare:  inopinato bello adfusus est.


To poeticize:  poetari (Fr)


It got to the point that….  Eo perventum est, ut + subj (P)

It got to the point that....  id consecutum est, ut + subj (T)

Things have reached the point that… in eum locum res rediit, ut + subj (T)

Things have got to the point that… adeo res rediit, ut + subj (T)

To do something to the point that....  aliqud eo facere ut + subj (S)

At this point… hac parte (Er)

To return to the point:  ad rem ut veniam (C)

To speak to the point:  expedite fabulari (Pl)

To advise on this point:  consilium in hac parte (Fr)

Get to the point!  Ad summam, quaeso (P)

To speak beside the point:  extra causam dicere (Fr)

To make a point of doing s.t.:  aliquid facere coniti  (Fr)
            You made a point of going:  ire conisus es

To prove a point:  rem demonstrare (S)

To point out that…. arguere + indirect statement (Fr)

What is the point of .....?  quid ad rem pertinet + inf. (Sen)

What’s the point of this?  Quo res haec pertinet?  (H)

What is the point of doing....  quid attinet facere... (P)
    What is the point of shaving the suppliants?  quid attinet supplices radere?

What is the point of (doing s.t.)?  quorsum attinet + infin (Er)

To miss the point:  non scire (Pl)
     You're missing the point:  non scis.

The essential point:  summa rei (S)
      You do indeed grasp the essential point:  summam quidem rei pervides.

Beside the point:  praeter rem (Nk)

A point (assigned in a game):  numerus, -i (Er) 

Point of view

From every point of view:  omni ex parte (C)


Polite:  civilis (Er)/  urbanus (C)

In polite terms:  per politian (Fr)

Politeness:  urbanitas, -atis

Naïve politeness:  urbanitas vernacula (P)


To pollute/ defile s.t.:  aliquid commingere


You poor thing!  miser es! (Pl)  miselle, -a, -um!   

Poorly:  male (S)
     He obeys poorly:   male paret.

A person who is poorly off:  homo tenuis fortunae (Er)


To pose as:  se facere + adj. or subs. (Pl)
     I pose as a fine superior sort of man:  facio me facetum et magnificum virum

A poseur:  gesticularius (AG)


I’m in no position to give advice:  non consilii locum habeo (T)


I’m absolutely positive that…  certo edepol scio +  (Pl)

To positively assert:  affirmatissime contendere (AG)


To gain possession of s.t.:  potiri aliqua re (F)

What possessed you to....?  Quid in mentem tibi venit qui + indicative (Er)
      What possessed you to hire that good-for-nothing?  Quid in mentem tibi venit qui conduxisti istum nugatorem? 

Possible/ Possibility

So far as possible:  quantum potest (fieri) ((Pl)

Possibility:  copia, -ae (Pl)
     I'll provide the fire, if there's any possibility of kindling it:  ignem dabo, si conflandi copia est.


A postman:  veredarius, -i (Er) 


To postpone:  promovere (T)
            I am postponing the wedding:  promoveo nuptias


Pot-bellied:  ventriosus, -a, -um (Pl)


To pounce on s.o.:  adoriri aliquem (Pl)

To pounce on s.o./ s.t.  aliquem/ aliquid opprimere (Pl)


To pound s.o. out: aliquem obtundere (Pl)/ aliquem pugnis incursare (Pl)

To pound a desk:  pluteum caedere (Pr)


To be reduced to poverty:  ad inopiam redigi (T)


To be in your power:  te penes esse/ penes te esse

To be in one's power:  in manu esse (Pl)
     He has more in his power than you do:  illi plus in manu est quam tibi

To have the power of life and death over s.o.:  arbitrium vitae necisque in aliquem habere (S)

To have no power:  nihil posse (C)


Practicality:  utilitas, -tatis (S)


To practice s.t.:  se exercere in aliqua re

Practice:  discliplina, -ae (Pl)
     This is our practice, too:  eadem nos disciplina utimur.

Practiced/ experienced in some pursuit:  quadam arte exercitus (AG)  aliqua arte exercitatus (Er)

To practice a trade:  artem factitare (C)

To practice what you preach:  praestare quod doces (Er)


My prayers have been heard:  mea vota audita sunt (Er)


To take precautions against s.t.:  praecavere aliquid


A precedent:  exemplum (AG)

A precedent has been established:  exemplum intromissum est (AG)


Precisely:  adamussim (P)


A prelude (both literally and metaphorically) praecentio (AG)


To say something premeditated:  ex praeparato loqui (S)


Prepared speech:  oratio meditata (M)

Well prepared:  probe meditatus (Pl)

Without preparation:  pedibus inlotis (AG)
      Those who immediately turn to philosophy without preparation:  isti qui repente pedibus inlotis ad philosophos divertunt.


In s.o.’s presence:  praesentiâ alicuius

To make one's presence known:  sui admonere (S)

A necessary presence:  necessaria praesentia (F)
        He wrote that his prensence was necessary:  scripsit necessariam esse praesentiam suam  

To come into s.o.'s presence:  in alicuius conspectum venire (F)


For the present (time):  in praesens (Tr)

For the present:  in praesentia (T)

Press/ pressure

Pressingly:  compresse  (AG)
     She asks pressingly and violently:  quaerit compresse et violenter

Gentle pressure:  oppressiuncula (Pl) 

To be hard pressed:  premi (F)

To press hard on s.o. (ie. in pursuit):   instare alicui (F)


Prestige:  dignitas (AG)


To pretend to be s.o./ s.t.:  adsimulare aliquem/ aliquem (T)

To pretend to do s.t.:  adsimulare + inf/  + (T) (Pl)
       He's pretending to be insane:  adsimulat insanire 
       I was pretending to be insane:  adsimulabam me insanire
To pretend:  se fingere
            He pretended to be a doctor:  se finxit medicum esse.

Not pretending:  vero vultu (T)
            He wasn’t pretending when he did that:  istuc vero vultu fecit


Under the pretense of….  per causam + gen

Pretensious:  ambitiosus, -a, -um.


To do s.t. as a pretext for s.t. else:  alterum alteri obtexere (F)
    He used sociability as a pretext for drinking to excess:  societatem ebrietati obtexuit.


A pretty little thing:  belliatus/ belliatulus, -a, -um (Pl)


To prevail on s.o. to do s.t.:  exorare aliquem ut aliquid faciat (T)


To prey on s.t.:  aliquid ligurrire (Pl)


To pay the price:  pretium ferre (T)
            I payed the price for my stupidity:  pretium ob stultitiam tuli (T)

To set a price on s.t.:  pretium alicui rei statuere (T)

To be high-priced:  magno pretio stare (H)


To kick against the pricks:  adversus stimulum calcare (T)


To pride oneself in s.t.:  ferox esse aliqua re (Fr)

To be puffed up with pride:  sufflatus esse superbia (Er)


The prime of life:  aetas integra (T)

To be in the prime of life:  aetate integra esse (T)


A principle (of action):  institutum, -i (F)
      To Ariovistus it was a principle and almost a law not to fight during a waning moon:  Ariovisto institutum et quasi lex fuit non pugnandi decrescente luna. 


To throw s.o. in prison:  aliquem in custodiam coniicere (S)


A privation:  negatum, i (H)


To be prized/ valued:  in pretio esse (Pl)


Probe s.o.’s character:  mores alicuius rimari (AG)

Probable/ probably

More probably:  propius vero (Tac)


What’s the problem?  Quid istuc?  (T)

To have a problem:  aliquid laboris esse (T)

I have a problem: aliquid laboris est mihi

To have a problem:  laborare (H)
   When it comes to the truth, he has a problem:  laborat cum bentum ad verum est.

To cause s.o. a problem:  exhibere alicui negotium (Tr)

No problem:  nullo negotio (Tr)

To create problems:  incommoditates capere (T)

A problem:  molestia, -ae (T)


Profanities:  textorum dicta (P)


Profession:  artificium, -i (P)

Profit/ gain

To count s.t. as gain:  aliquid deputare in lucro 

Profit:  fructus, -us (Er) 

Profitable:  frugiferus, -a, -um (Er)


Profound sentiments:  sententiae reconditae/ exquisitae (C)


Progress:  profectus, -us (Fr)

To make progress:  proficere (Fr)  promoveri (Fr)  profectum adsequi (Fr)


To break a promise:  fidem solvere (T)

To make good a promise:  promissum perficere (T)

To keep one’s promise:  fidem praestare (T)

To fulfill a promise:  promissum implere (F)

A promise:  pollicitatio -onis (P)


Proper / genuine:  legitimus, -a, -um (P)

Properly:  legitime (P)


In proportion to:  pro (H)
            In proportion to one’s income:  pro sumptu


Prosperity:  opimitas -atis (Pl) 


A (female) prostitute:  meretrix, -icis  (T)  (H)   nonaria, -ae (Pr)

A male prostitute/ hustler:  spintria, -ae (m) / sphintria, -ae (m)  (Suet)

To be forced into prostitution:  ad merendum cogi (AG)


Protégé:  cliens (m/f) (Fr)


To be proud to:  ferox + infin. (Pl)
     He's proud to be handling twenty minas:  ferox est viginti minas tractare

To be proud of s.t./ s.o.:  ferox + abl. (Lv)
       He is proud of his ancestry:  ferox patribus est


To prove:  convincere (T)
            You will easily prove that he’s your son:  convinces facile [eum] ex te natum.

To prove s.t. to s.o.  aliquid certum facere alicui (Pl)

To prove:  adprobare (S)
      This proves that virtue is comes into being everywhere:  hoc adprobat virtutem omni loco nasci

Provide/ provide for/ supply

To provide for s.o.’s expenses:  alicui suppeditare sumptibus (T)

To provide:  praestare (Pont)


To provoke s.o. to anger:  aliquem instigare (T)


Pry into s.o.’s secrets:  intervenire alienis secretis (P)

Pry into/ stick one’s nose into s.t.:  rimari aliquid (AG)


A psychic:  hariolus, -i (Pl)

To be psychic:  haroliari (Pl)  hariolus, -a, -um esse (Pl)


To be public/ to have been made public:  palam esse (Pl)

To make s.t. public:  aliquid proferre palam (T)

In the public eye:  in conspectu populi (S)


A mouth puckered in a kiss:  suavium/  savium


To punch s.o.:  aliquem pugno percutere (Pl)

To punch s.o. in the stomach:  pugnos alicui gerere in stomachum (T)

A punch:  colaphus-i (P)
       He scolded the slave with punches:  puerum colaphis obiurgavit.

A punching bag:  follis pugilatorius (Pl)


On purpose:  de industria (Fr)  consilio (AG)  consulto (C) dedita opera (Lv)

To serve a purpose:  usum praebere (H)

To do s.t. for the purpose of....  aliquid ea causa facere, ut + subj. (Pl)

The purpose of life:  propositum vitae (S)

For what purpose?  in quid?  (S)
     For what purpose do I make friends?  in quid amicos paro?


To push out:  extrudere (T)
      He pushed me out of doors:  me extrusit foras.

To push the envelope:  audacius progredi (Fr).

To push s,o, forward:  aliquem propellare / protrudere (Er)


To put s.t. first:  aliquid primum habere (T)

To put up with s.t.  aliquid pati (Pl)

To put s.o. / s.t. off for later:   aliquem / aliquid protelare (Er)

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