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A nag:  pica pulvinaris (P)

Naïve/ Naivete

Naïve:  inscitus, -a, -um (T)   simplex, -icis (Er)

Naivete:  inscitia, -ae (T)


A nap:  levis somnus (S)


To say s.t. nasty:  male dicere (Er).
    If you say something nasty, you will hear worse:  si male dixeris, peius audies. 


Narrow-minded:  angustiae mentis (W)


Natural / innate:  ingenuus, -a, -um (Fr)

Natural/ innate / inborn:  naturalis, -e (AG)  
    That natural vehemence of Gracchus:  naturalis illa Gracchi vehementia 

Natural, innate, inborn, native:  vernaculus, -a, -um (P)
      What a clever man and fountain of native wit!  O hominem acutum atque urbanitatis vernaculae fontem!  

Naturally:  to act naturally:  facere ut fert natura (T)

To be by nature:  esse naturâ (T)

Natural phenomena:  naturae opera, -um (AG)

Naturally:  ingenio suo (P)
     naturally wavy hair:   crines ingenio suo flexi.


Nauseating:  rancidulus, -a, -um (Pr)


Nearest thing:  to be the nearest thing to s.t.:  esse in propinqua parte alicuius (T)
Being neighbours is the nearest thing to being friends:  vicinitas in propinqua parte amicitiae est.

Near thirty:  prope ad triginta (Fr)

To draw near to s.t.:  se alicui rei applicare

To go near something:  ad aliquid accedere

To go nowhere near s.t   aliquid non accedere  (P)
           I note that neither Plato nor Demosthenes went anywhere near that kind of exercise:  neque Platonem neque Demosthenen ad hoc genus exercitationis accedisse video   

To need to:  opus esse ut (T)
            I need to leave:  opus est ut abeam.  

Not to need s.t.:  non quaeritare aliquid (Pl)

If the need arises:  si usus veniet (T)

To be in need:  inops esse (H)

That's all I need! (of receiving more bad news):  id mihi restat mali!  (T)


In this neighbourhood:  hic viciniae (T)

Nerd/ geek

Nerd/ geek:  morosophos, -i (Er)


To be nervous about s.t./ s.o:  trepdiare aliquid/ aliquem

To be nervous:  vereri (T)


A neutral observer:  spectator otiosus (Er)  


Nevertheless:  nihilo setius (T)


A new production/ product/ composition:  novicium, -i  (Fr)


News:  nuntius, -i  (Pl)
     That is perfectly delightful news:   magnus lepos inest hoc nuntio.


What next?  quid tum postea?  (Pl)

For the next three days:  triduo hoc perpetuo (T)
 Next door

To live next door:  vivere in proximo (T)

To come from next door:  venire ex proximo (T)


To nibble at the bait:  escam petere (Pl)

To nibble:  morsicare (Ap)


A nice disposition:  bonum ingenium (T)

A nice person:  bellus homo

It’s not nice to… bellum non est + infin  (C)

Nicley done!:  decenter! (Pr)

Nice:  to give s.o. a nice little bit of physical contact:  aliquem belle tangere (Pl)


Dead of night:  intempesta nox (Fr) (V)

Night falls:  nox se praecipitat (Fr)

A night with s.o.:  nox alicuius (Pl) 
    A. What do you want?  B. A night with this girl:  A. quid optas?  B. noctem huius puellae

At nightfall:  ad noctem (Pl)

To go all night (in a sexual sense):  pervigilare (P)

The whole live-long night:  noctem perpetuam (Pl)

A loney night:  nox vidua (P)

The parts of night (Er): 
vesper/ crepusculum
prima fax
prima quies/ nox concubia et intempesta
media nox
diluculum/ aurora.


To take a nip (of alcohol):  calicem tangere (Pl)

No/ not

No longer:  non amplius

No matter:  quamlibet (Er)
            No matter how wonderful:  quamlibet admirabile

No matter:  quamvis + subj.

No sooner said than done:  dictum factum (T)

Not at all:  non admodum (Er)  


To be a nobody:  non natus esse (S)

To be a nobody:  pusillus esse (S)

A nobody:  terrae filius (P)


To make a huge noise:  tumultuari (P)


Nonchalance:  neglegentia, -ae

Nonchalant:  neglegens, -entis (T)


Nonsense:  nugae

Nonsense!   nugae!  (Pl, T)  gerrae! (Pl)

Mighty nonsense:  magnae nugae (T)

To talk nonsense:  nugas agere (Pl)  garrio, -ire (T)


Every nook and cranny:  omnes latebrae (Pl)


With a runny nose:  mucidus (AG)/  muculentus (Fr)

To poke one’s nose into something:  rimari aliquid (Fr)

To be under one's nose:  ante pedes esse (T)

My nose tells me that....  subolfacio + indirect statement


Nothing at all:  nil prorsus/  nil quicquam

Nothing to do with s.t.:  nil esse sibi cum aliqua re (H)
            I have nothing to do with books:  nihil est mihi cum libris.

To do s.t. all for nothing:  aliquid nequiquam facere (Pl)

To come from nothing (socially / economically):  de nihilo crevisse (P)


At such short notice:  tam subito (T)

A posted notice :  libellus, -i (P)


Noveau:  hesternus (Per)
            New citizens:  quirites hesterni

Nouveau riche:  dives hesternus


A novel:  diegema, -atis (a story that could be true, but isn’t)


Now more than ever:  nunc maxime (T)

From now on:  dehinc (T)

Until now:  usque adhuc (T)

Nowadays:  hoc tempore (Fr)

Now that:  quoniam + indic. (Pl) 
      Now that these things have turned out to our liking, let us go home:  quoniam haec ex sententia evenerunt, domum redeamus.

From now on:  porro (Ct)

By now:  iam (T)
     You ought to have done it by now:  te iam hoc fecisse oportet.


Nowhere:  nusquam 

Nowhere else:  nusquam alibi (T)

Nowhere on earth / nowhere to be found:  nusquam gentium (Pl) (T)


A general nuissance:  populi odium 

To make a nuissance of oneself:  alicui negotium exhibere (Pl) 

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