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Lack:  privatio, -onis (AG)
   His opinion was that anger in moderation was useful, but not a total lack of anger:  irae non privationem esse utilem, sed mediocritatem.


To be every inch a lady:  liberali forma esse (Pl)

Lady-like:  liberalis (T)

To do something like a lady (or gentleman):  aliquid honeste facere (Pl)


Lapse (moral or artistic):  delictum, -i (Fr)


The last moments of Socrates:  Socrates extremus (S)

To be the last to do s.t.:  postremus aliquid facere (Er)
     Mark was the last to reach for the platter:  postremus Marcus manum patinae admovit.

To be on one's last legs:  in ultimis esse (P)

To be at one's last gasp:  in ultimis esse (P)


To be late (i.e. tardy):  cessare (T)

To be late / tardy:  tardus esse

Slightly late / tardy:  tardiusculus (Fr)

To arrive slightly late:  pervenire tardiuscule (Fr)

To be annoyingly late / tardy:  odiose cessare (T)

Late (time-wise):  sero  (T)

Late in the day:  sero die

Too late:  sero /  serius  (T)


Latest:  postremus

Latest news:  nova postremanova recentissima

Laugh / laughter

To force a laugh from someone:  risum exprimere alicui (P)

Hold in/ suppress laughter:  risum comprimere (P)

To laugh until one cries:  usque ad lachrimas ridere

To split one's sides laughing:  ilia risu dissolvere (P)

To laugh behind s.o.’s back:  furtim cachinnare (L)

To make a laughing stock of s.o."  aliquem ludibrio habere (Pl)

To laugh at s.o."  aliquem deridere (Pl)

Shrill laughter:  risus mimicus (P)


To break the law:  legem perfringere (Er)

To lay down the law:  legem dare (AG)

More law, less justice:  ius summum saepe summa est malitia (T)

To lay down the law:  legem dare (AG)

Law-breaker:  legirupa, -ae / legirupio, -onis:  (Pl)


One lie leads to another:  fallacia alia aliam tradit (T)

To lead on:  ducere (T)
            He wanted to lead us on with false joy:  voluit nos ducere falso gaudio (T)

To lead s.o. on (by deception):  aliquem producere

Where is this leading?  hoc quo evadet?

To lead a life:  vitam agere  (S)

To lead a safe life:  tutam agere vitam (S)


Lean on one’s elbow(s):  cubito inniti (Er)

Lean against a wall:  patronus parieti stare (Pl)   parieti applicitus


To leave s.o.:  abire ab aliquo (T)


Leaning against a wall:  parieti applicitus (P)


Leave it to me:  id mihi da (Pl)/  alia cura (Pl)


Leavings:  reliquiae (Pl)


Legitimately:  iure (T)


On the left:  a laeva (Pl)

To the left:  ad laevam (manum) (Pl)

Left-overs:  reliquiae, -arum (Ap)


To be on one's last legs:  in ultimis esse


At leisure (ie, when convenient):  ex commodo (S)
      I shall read the book at leisure:  librum ex commodo legam


To lend s.t.:  aliquid utendum dare (Pl)

To lend a hand:  manum commodare (S)
    He won't lend a hand to his own punishment:  non commodabit poaenae suae manum.


To discuss s.t. at length:  aliquid copiose disserere (AG)


To think less of someone:  aliquem minoris pendere (Er)

Less and less:  minus minusque (T)


To let s.o. off lightly:  aliquem remittere (Fr)

Let go of s.t.:  aliquid amittere (T)  aliquid omittere (Pl)

To let up:  the pain has not let up:  dolores nihil remiserunt (Fr)

To let s.o. off the hook:  aliquem mittere (Pl)

To let s.o. in:  aliquem intromittere in (Pl)

To let s.o. out:  aliquem emittere e  (Pl)


Letters of the alphabet/ characters:  literulae (Fr)


Liar:  periurus (Pl) (P)


At the end of life:  in vitae postremo (AG)

To fight for one’s life:  de vita ipsa dimicare

I’d give my life to….  depecisci morte velim ut….. (T)

To save one’s life:  pro corpore (H)
            He payed money to save his life:  dedit hic pro corpore nummos

All one's life:  aetatem (Pl)
     I'd be willing to be a slave all my life:  aetatem velim servire

To spoil/ ruin/ wreck s.o.'s life:  aliquem perdere (Pl)

It's a matter of life and death:  capitis res agitur (T)

An easy life:  vita clemens (T)

To lead a life:  vitam agere (T)  (S)

To lead an easy life:  vitam clementem agere (T)

To develop one's life:  vitam ornare (AG)

Life time:  saeculum, -i  (S)
     A whole life time is hardly enough to overcome one's vices:   vix effici toto saeculo potest, ut vitia subigantur.

Life time/ life:  aetas, -atis (Pl)
     He lived there his whole lifetime/ life:  aetatem ibi usque habitavit.

To have the power of life and death over someone:  arbitrium vitae necisque in aliquem habere (S)

To lengthen life:  vitam perducere (S)

To have a terrible/ awful life:  male vivere (Pl)
    I'd better end it all, my life is so awful:  melius sit ut vitam a corpore secludam, ita male vivo.

A low-life:  latebricola, -ae (Pl)

To have a pleasant life:  suave vivere (Er)

To lay down one's life:  animam relinquere (T)
      I will lay down my life rather than desert them:  animam relinquam potius quam illas deseram.


Lifestyle:  victus, -us (Er)

To improve one’s lifestyle:  vitam ornare (AG)

To give someone a lift:  iungere aliquem (in quoddam vehiculum) (Er)


Light as in lux:

In broad daylight:  luci (Pl)

To "get light" (of the day):  dilucescere (Er)
       It gets light at 6 a.m.  sexta hora matutina diluscit.

Light as in levis/ levare:

To make light of something:  aliquid elevare (C)
      Friendship offers many occasions of suspicion and offense, which a wise person will sometimes ignore, sometimes make light of, sometimes endure:  amicitia dat multas suspicionum offensionumque, quae tum evitare, tum elevare, tum ferre sapientis est.  

Light literature:  blandae Camenae (Er)


To lighten s.o.'s troubles/ relieve s.o. of his troubles:  aliquem laborum levare (Pl)


It’s not like that:  haud ita est (T)

Would you like to….?  libetne + infinitive 

I would like very much to....  mihi perlibet + infin.  (Pl)

To be just like:  nihil setius esse quam (Pl)

Like this:  ad hunc modum  (AG)
     The story goes more or less like this:  res fere ad hunc modum est:  

To be like/ resemble s.o./ s.t.:  aliquem/ aliquid sapere (AG)
      He's like his uncle:  patruum sapit.


Not likely:  non verisimile

To be likely to ....:  parum abesse quin....(+ subj) (Er)
       If he doesn't earn money, he is likely to steal it:  pecuniam nisi meruerit, parum abest quin furetur. 


likewise:  similiter (F)   non secus


A limit:  modus, -i (Pl)
    There's a limit to what a wife should put up with:  est modus [eius] quod uxorem pati oportet.

Limits:  confinia –um (AG)

To put a limit on s.t.:  alicui rei modum statuere (H)

To limit s.t.:  terminare aliquid (S)
     He will limit all good to within oneself:  omne intra se bonum terminabit.


To limp:  claudicare (Er) 

A limp:  claudicatio, -onis (Er)
A. Do you know where you got that limp?  B. Damned if I know.  A. anne hoc quidem scis unde tibi venerit claudicatio?  B.  vix, ita me Mavors male amet.


To be out of line:  peccare (T) 


To linger:  cessare (T)


Listen and listen closely:  audi et ades!  (Pl)


Light literature:  blandae Camenae (Er)


A little bit of s.t.:  tantulum alicuius rei (Fr)

Little by little:  paulatim (Tac)


To live/ survive on s.t.:  victitare aliqua re

To live truthfully (i.e., in accordance with one’s true character)  vere vivere (T)

To live on s.t.:  vesci aliqua re (Pl)
            I live on apples:  malis vescor

To "live" on something:  pro cibo habere aliquid  (Pl)
      Do you give whippings, you who live on being whipped?  tune verberas, qui pro cibo habeas te verberari?
      You live on kisses:  pro cibo habes basia

To live on s.t.:  aliqua re victitare (Pl)
     We live on dried figs:  ficis aridis victitamus.

To live from hand to mouth:  in horam vivere (C)


To make a living  victum quaerere (T)/  victum quaeritare (T)

To make a living by s.t. victitare aliqua re (T)

To make a living on the streets:  victum vulgo quaerere (T)

To make a terrible living/ eke out a meagre existence:  frigide victitare (Er)

You can make a living from this:  habet haec res panem (P)


Loads of arguments:  globi argumentorum (Fr)


A loafer:  cessator, -ortis (Er)


To look for a loan:  quaeritare pecuniam in faenus (Pl)

To loan s.t.:  aliquid utendum dare (Pl)


Local:  illius regionis  :  the local wines:  vina illius regionis (Cic)    topicus, -a, -um (Ren. Latin):  dei topici:  the local gods.


A location:  positus, -us (AG)
     The cool location of the house:  aedium positus refrigerans


To lock the door:  fores oppessulare (P)


A locker:  loculus, -i (Pl)

A locker room:  apodyterium -i (Com)


A lodging:  stabulus (P)  deversorium (P)


So long as....  tantisper.... dum + indic.  (Pl)  (T)
     I'll wait for you here until you come out:  hic te tantisper opperiar, dum exis.  

How long has it been that....  quam diu est, quod + indic (Er)

Long for

To long for s.t.:  expetessere aliquid (Pl)/   gestire alicui rei (T)  expetere aliquid (T) desiderare aliquid

Long suffering

Long-suffering:  perpessicius, -a, -um (S)

Long term

To look to the long term:  in longitudinem consulere (T)


Which ever way you look at it:  in utraque re (C)

Look into s.t.:  cognoscere aliquid (T)

To look into a fault:  cognoscere peccatum (T)

Things look like war:  res spectant ad arma (C)

To look out for oneself:  sibi praecavere (T)

To look out for/ after oneself:  sibi prospicere (T)
      If I'm not lookig out out for / after myself, I'm stuck:  nisi mihi prospicio, haereo.

What does he look like?  qua facie est? (Pl)

To be on the look-out for s.o./s.t:  aliquem/ aliquid aucupari (Pl)

To be on the look-out for trouble:  malo cavere (Pl)

To look like s.o./ s.t.:  adsimulare aliquem/ aliquid (Pl)

To look at s.o./ s.t.:  ad aliquem/ aliquid respicere (T)

Take a look at s.t.: contemplari aliquid (Er)
     A. Is he well?  B. Take a look at  his face!  A. valetne?  B. contemplare vultum!


To loom over (of disturbing events)  portendi (Pl) 
      A great danger is looming over us:  nobis magnum periculum portenditur


To be loose (of something that should be rigidly in place, like a nail):  vacillare (Er)   


Good lord!  Hercle!   edepol!  (Pl)  (T)

To lord it over s.o.:  alicui imperitare (Lv)


Never at a loss for words:  solutus/ expeditus ad dicendum

At a great loss/ at great expense:  magno cum damno (Pl)

To incur a loss:  damnum facere (Pl)


Get lost!  aufer te hinc (T)


To fall to someone’s lot:  alicui obtingere (Pl)

By lot:  sortito (H)


Loud (of music):  strepens (P)


To lounge around:  desidere (S)


To be madly in love with s.o.:  deperire aliquem (Pl)  aliquem perdite ardere (T)

Tender love:  amor pius (VM)

Love making/ sex:  subigitatio (AG)

Love-sick:  aegrotus (T)

To be seized with love:  amore corripi (Fr)

To love intensely:  gravius amare (Fr)

To love passionately:  adamare (S)

Love at first sight:  amor subitus et repentinus

Lover:  erastes (Fr)

A lover-boy / a "Casanova":   amasiunculus, -i (P)

I would love you to do s.t.:  te amabo ut aliquid facias (Pl)

To make love to s.o.:  aliquem amare (Pl)

To love s.t. as one's own:  aliquid amare pro suo (T)

To have a love affair:  amare (T)

To fall in love:  amare occipere (Pl) 

To take a lover:  taurum asciscere (Er)


A low-life:  latebricola, -ae


To lower the voice:  vocem deprimere (S)

Luck / Lucky

Stroke of luck:  lusus fortunae (P)

What a stroke of luck!  Lusum fortunae mirabilem! (P)

As luck would have it:  opportune (T)

A lucky guy:  filius Fortunae (P)

Good luck!  bonis avibus!  (Er)

With a little bit of luck:  bonis auspiciis (Er)


Luggage:  vasa, -orum (Pl) 


A lunatic:  phreneticus, -i (S)   furiosus, -i  (S)


To lust after s.t.:  aliquid ligurire (Pl)


Luxuriously:  opipare (H)/  pollucibiliter (Pl)

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